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Jeanine Hoffman has been writing lesbian fiction for her own enjoyment and, hopefully, the enjoyment of others since 2006. Jeanine's books always have at least a hint of romance to them as she feels that life without romance, isn't very real nor is it as much fun. We read these books to escape the harsher realities we live in, so what would a fantastical life be without romance? It's human nature to crave connection, after all. Most of all, Jeanine hopes that her readers gain as much joy from the reading of her novels as she does from writing them. (she also points out that the joy does not include editing, blurb writing, PR work, or continuity checks.)

In addition to showing you her current books on the market, Jeanine hopes to use this space to share with her readers some of the details of her books as they are written. Be patient with her, writing is a sometimes arduous task in the current world climate. Jeanine can be reached through email


Jeanine Hoffman was born and raised a New Englander with an eye towards the west coast. After a visit in 2014 to the Portland, OR. area, Jeanine and her wife, Heather made a choice. A new goal was set and in 2015 the fledgling family joined the wagon train and moved west. Oh, wait, a big truck came and moved the stuff while the family flew west. Yeah, that’s how it went. The now infamous cockapoo, Mr. Bones along with his faithful sidekick, Bailey the black terror cat (Nicknamed Toothless), have acclimated nicely to the west coast vibe. Heather and Jeanine spend their spare time checking out cool farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, food trucks, and stalking mountains to take pictures. Currently, Jeanine writes from home but has a varied past that covers everything from being an EMT/Firefighter, to restaurant work, bouncing at a lesbian bar, and banking. Jeanine uses this vast background to pull from when she is too lazy for research. There is so much social media that Jeanine has limited herself to a minimum of mediums or there would never be another book written.

Mr. Bones the fluffy buff colored cockapoo
Bailey, an american black shorthair cat

Books by Jeanine Hoffman

Books are listed by publishing date, the most recent one first. Anthologies Jeanine has stories in will be listed as such. Titles are linked to Amazon for purchase.

Truth Or Fiction

Book 2 in the Animus Series
Cover of Truth Or Fiction

Truth or Fiction is the sequel to Stranger Than Fiction and follows the progress of newly-made shifter, Tori Monroe as she learns that her parents have kept a life altering secret from her throughout her life: Mom isn't just a well-respected artist but a shifter living outside her community. Helping Tori deal with this revelation is Janice, one of her new friends, a coyote shifter, and someone Tori feels she could have a relationship with. A relationship has been the last thing on Tori's mind for years and this type of relationship never occurred to her. Will Tori ever be able to move back to her cabin retreat? Will her parents finally tell her their entire truth or will they keep spinning fiction for her?

Credit Worthy

Cover of Credit Worthy

Is life random or is it something more? Peoples' lives weave and interweave in many different and unexpected ways as Becca Hammond discovers. It starts with a plane ride home from a meeting for her family business. Can she understand the connections before they strangle her and close the collection and credit counseling business her father worked so hard to build? Shelly James graduated college and went to work at the Federal Trade Commission with the hope and intention of helping people. She never dreamed that several years later she would be burned out and ready for change. She isn't looking for romance but a new place to start over and a different way to use her knowledge of facts and number crunching to assist people in more direct than ethereal ways. Becca and Shelly end up crossing paths, colliding, and ricocheting around each other. Neither is looking for love, just a way to follow their career dreams. They agree, nothing can or will happen despite an early attraction. It is business and only business. When you've been hit and run by love, is it possible to trust again? To love again? Can anyone really escape the web of the Fates and should they try?

Women in Sports:Sweaty, Sexy, and Hot, OH MY!

Jeanine has one story in this great anthology-Check it out!
Cover of Women in Sports Anthology

Hot. Sweaty. Tight shorts. Sports bras. Six-pack abs. What sparks your imagination? Muscular legs? Hands that are strong and sure? Baseball, soccer, hockey, track and field...does it really matter? She's sexy, she's incredible and she's all yours. Sit back, relax and enjoy some wonderful tales from this group of talented authors. Women in sports--does it get any better than that? This amazing collection of romance and erotica includes stories from: Lee Lynch, Jessie Chandler, Mary Griggs, MB Panichi, Tonie Chacon, Kate McLachlan, A.L. Duncan, Jeanine Hoffman, Erica Lawson, Sharon G. Clark, Nann Dunne, Pat Cronin and Verda Foster.

Stranger Than Fiction

Cover for Stranger Than Fiction by Jeanine Hoffman
Book 1 of the Animus Series

A self-described recluse, artist, and acclaimed author, Tori Monroe is used to being self-reliant. She has chosen a life where she grows and hunts for as much of her food supply as possible. When she isn't outside keeping herself fed, she is writing under one of two pseudonyms or creating canvasses for display in distant galleries. She has spent most of her adult life working and living in seclusion. When Tori is injured while hunting, she seeks help at the closest small town. Once there, things begin to happen fast. A hand surgeon who does research on blood disorders, a clinical psychologist who helps people deal with the stress brought on by intense life events, and even the hospital staff get overly interested in her care. Tori learns that what really happened to her out in the woods was more than a hunting accident. She has been infected with a strange virus that will change her in literal and figurative ways she never imagined.

Back Swing

Cover of Back Swing by Jeanine Hoffman

Riley Finney, the golf pro first introduced in the novel Strength in Numbers, has had an upsy-downsy life. By her senior year of high school she knows she must juggle her lesbianism with the need to keep silent to further the chance of following her golf dreams. When she joins the Nittany Lions college golf team, she falls in love for the first time. She later makes the pro tour but is betrayed and outed, sending resounding shockwaves through her world that threaten to affect her career plan. Will she tuck tail and run home to Pennsylvania? Or can she stand up to the challenges she faces in both love and professional golf?

Strength in Numbers

Cover of Strength in Numbers by Jeanine Hoffman

Four women on a collision course of the heart. Bailey ran out on her best friend, Jay, years ago but wants to make amends if she can. Sharon has buried herself in work for so long she isn't sure she knows how to do much else. Riley, a one-time LPGA golfer, has traveled and played the field while competing on some of the finest golf courses of the world. And, then there is Jay, whose heart was broken by Bailey so many years ago - she hasn't fully trusted anyone since. All four women have things to face about themselves and the others. Fate brings them together to face a crisis none of them ever expected. Their lives will turn upside down, and the outcome can only be determined if they will believe that there is Strength in Numbers.

Lights and Sirens

Cover of LIghts and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

Chloe "Donny" Donavon is a Firefighter/Paramedic who discovers an attraction to, Caitlin "Caity", a dispatcher. She has known Caity for a few years but never thought of her as anything other than a friend and fellow member of the fire department. Their relationship goes against everything Donny has believed about keeping romantic entanglements away from the workplace, especially since she works with and supervises Caity's younger sister, Pauli. Kristi, who is Donny's mentor, supervisor, and friend at the station is behind Donny's sudden promotion--but that promotion could change her own career as well. Kristy is dealing with things from her past that she can no longer repress. How will that affect her relationships with her protégé and crew? What happens when the strongest of the strong finds out that she can't remain an island forever? Lights and Sirens shows a crew of well meaning men and women who come together to battle fire, fight illness, injury, and death for others. Can they hold it together for one of their own?