As an Author

Jeanine Hoffman has been writing lesbian fiction for her own enjoyment and, hopefully, the enjoyment of others since 2006. Jeanine's books always have at least a hint of romance to them as she feels that life without romance, isn't very real nor is it as much fun. We read these books to escape the harsher realities we live in, so what would a fantastical life be without romance? It's human nature to crave connection, after all. Most of all, Jeanine hopes that her readers gain as much joy from the reading of her novels as she does from writing them. (she also points out that the joy does not include editing, blurb writing, PR work, or continuity checks.)

In addition to showing you her current books on the market, Jeanine hopes to use this space to share with her readers some of the details of her books as they are written. Be patient with her, writing is a sometimes arduous task in the current world climate. Jeanine can be reached through email


Jeanine Hoffman was born and raised a New Englander with an eye towards the west coast. After a visit in 2014 to the Portland, OR. area, Jeanine and her wife, Heather made a choice. A new goal was set and in 2015 the fledgling family joined the wagon train and moved west. Oh, wait, a big truck came and moved the stuff while the family flew west. Yeah, that’s how it went. The now infamous cockapoo, Mr. Bones along with his faithful sidekick, Bailey the black terror cat (Nicknamed Toothless), have acclimated nicely to the west coast vibe. Heather and Jeanine spend their spare time checking out cool farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, food trucks, and stalking mountains to take pictures. Currently, Jeanine writes from home but has a varied past that covers everything from being an EMT/Firefighter, to restaurant work, bouncing at a lesbian bar, and banking. Jeanine uses this vast background to pull from when she is too lazy for research. There is so much social media that Jeanine has limited herself to a minimum of mediums or there would never be another book written.

Mr. Bones the fluffy buff colored cockapoo
Bailey, an american black shorthair cat